How much does In Home care cost?

The cost to you varies on whether it is a weekday, Saturday or Sunday.  It also varies on whether it is during the day or at night. Most of the care we provide is Monday to Friday during the day.

Daughterly Care is a premium provider of private in home care.

Daughterly Care has an excellent […]

What happens if I am unhappy with my Live In Caregiver?

Providing Live in Care is a very personal, tailored solution where our Caregivers work in close quarters with the client. On the odd occasion, personalities don’t ‘click’.   When a new job starts there is always a ‘settling in’ period.   It’s at this time when it’s important to tell your Caregivers how and when you like […]

When is Live In Care NOT Live In Care? When it’s 24 hour Care

Companies use the terms Live in Care and 24 Hour Care as if they are interchangeable but they are NOT!

24 Hour Care costs twice that Live in Care.

Both services have their advantages and disadvantages. There are clients who regularly require more than 8 hours of direct care each 24 hours […]

What type of Elderly Care services do you provide?

Daughterly Care provides a wide range of elderly care services such as…

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