What is the cost of 24 hour care versus Live in care?

Daughterly Care provides both 24 hour care and Live in Care. We don’t preference one solution over the other, instead, we consider your care needs, existing support and living arrangements and recommend which care we believe is the best solution for you. Generally, the weekly cost of […]

Does Daughterly Care have Consumer Directed Care In Home Care Packages?

From 27 February 2017, Home Care Packages are assigned to the client by the Government, not to the Approved Provider.

Yes, Daughterly Care Community Services is an in home care Approved Provider and can administer and case manage your Home Care Package. We offer exceptional in home care Caregivers and Private Nurses. […]

With Live In Care the Live in Caregiver live in my parents’ house?

With an aged care service called Live in Care – it sounds that way, however, no our Live in Carers DO NOT move in and live in your parents’ home. Instead with Daughterly Care’s unique Live in Home Care service, the week’s care is typically shared between 2 Live in carers. For example:

Live in Caregiver […]

Dad earns little income but his house is worth a bit. Is the Consumer Directed In Home Care Package assets tested?

Answer: There is no assets test for a Consumer Directed Care In Home Care Package, there is only an income test.

NOTE: However please note Nursing Home placements have BOTH income and assets tests.

If your father earns less than $26,985.40 income per year he just pays the Basic Daily Care Fee of $10.43 per day which is 17.5% […]

My mother lives independently in a retirement village. Is she entitled to a Government funded Consumer Directed care package (CDC) for In Home care?

Yes she is.

Over the years, retirement village neighbours have become good friends supporting each other and they don’t want to move to the next stage, such as hostel or nursing home when their care needs increase. They are eligible to apply for a (CDC) Consumer Directed Care Government Funded Home Care Package to provide in […]

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