Influenza season is here and it’s running rife. Unfortunately it attacks the Elders in our community with vengeance.

The NSW Health Department has issued a warning about Influenza:

“New South Wales is well into the winter influenza season with four influenza virus strains circulating. Influenza outbreaks have been already reported from a number of aged care facilities across New South Wales, particularly in Sydney.

It is important to ensure all residents and staff have received this year’s vaccine.

Influenza is an acute, highly infectious respiratory infection which can lead to severe complications. Aged care facilities are at particular risk of influenza outbreaks which can spread quickly through residents and staff, plus visitors. I encourage you to make sure you are taking all appropriate measures to protect your residents and staff from serious or life-threatening illnesses associated with influenza”.

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If we visit your family member in a nursing home and you are advised of an outbreak, please contact Daughterly Care immediately on 02 9970 7333.

By informing Daughterly Care of an outbreak, we can avoid arriving at the Nursing Home then not be able to enter the facility. Our Caregivers often arrive at a Nursing Home, only to discover there is a gastroenteritis or influenza outbreak. With the entire building in ‘lock down’, we cannot enter to provide the care service, but Daughterly Care still has to charge for the scheduled service.

Thank you to Daughterly Care Caregivers for putting your / our clients first.

Our Caregivers understand that our clients are Elderly and have weak immune systems, it is best you do not work if you are unwell. Thank you for staying home and recuperating completely. We are fortunate that most of our clients live in their own homes and therefore are less exposed to contagious illnesses.

Please note NSW Health mentions the importance of getting a vaccine, however it has been reported that the “free” vaccine only has antibodies for 3 of the 4 influenza strains and it is the 4th strain that is causing a lot of illnesses.

With so many strains of influenza going around, it’s always best to consult with your family doctor about any medication.

If you are worried about the health of your Loved One…

Daughterly Care can help with regular visits to prompt medication, ensure hydration and cook nutritious home-cooked meals. In addition, we can transport clients to doctor’s appointments.

Ring us today to discuss how we can help on (02) 9970 7333, also leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post as we enjoy hearing from Elders and all readers in the community.


Kylie Kate Lambert Daughterly Care co-founder and Home Care Package expert

Kylie Lambert

B. Ec  F. Fin.
(known to her friends for 25 years as Kate)
Daughterly Care CEO, Co-Founder and Owner