If you have a Government Funded Home Care Package please read this update.

Since the Department of Health upgraded their software a couple of months ago we have had 6 clients incorrectly notified by My Aged Care that their Home Care Packages has been withdrawn because they had NOT accepted their Home Care Package in time (within the 56 day limit). This made no sense to us as they HAD accepted the Home Care Package within the time limit and more importantly the Department of Health had been paying their Home Care Package Government Funding through Daughterly Care Community Services which was evidence that the client had accepted the Home Care Package within the time frame.

The email sent last Friday from the Department of Health acknowledges this is an industry wide problem.

department health incorrectly withdraws home care packages

Please know that we audit the Home Care Package payments received from the Department of Health each month to identify mistakes

Issues we identify are:

  • incorrect withdrawal of Home Care Packages;
  • underpayments of Home Care Package Government Funding; and
  • adjustments to Income Tested Care Fees (increases or decreases).

Where we identify that an error has been made by My Aged Care we proactively inform My Aged Care to get those issues resolved for you.

The fix (adjustment) will be in the NEXT monthly payment by the Government, or in the following month, if My Aged Care didn’t have time to fix it for the next monthly payment i.e.it can take a couple of months to get My Aged Care errors. By the way, when we complained to My Aged Care about this extra work for us and explained how upsetting it was for Elderly people to be told that their Home Care Package had been withdrawn, My Aged Care staff told us we were fortunate as other Approved Providers have had 60 clients’ Home Care Packages withdrawn incorrectly.

So if you receive any letters from My Aged Care stating your Home Care Package has been withdrawn – don’t ignore it – contact Nicole Hickey straight away or email services@dccommunityservices.com.au

If you receive a letter offering you a HIGHER Home Care Package than you are already on…accept the offer immediately 

You do NOT pay any extra Basic Daily Care Fee nor any extra Income Tested Care Fee to receive a higher Home Care Package – so you will receive more hours of care and support for the same cost therefore accept the higher package immediately.  Every day you delay in accepting is a day’s higher funding forfeited by you.   Sometimes we can tell on the portal that you have been offered a higher Home Care Package – other times, there is no notification to us – so it is safer to assume we have not been advised by My Aged Care and tell us as soon as the letter arrives by emailing services@dccommunityservices.com.au.

Our advice will always be to accept the higher package.

We are enjoying this rain as it has been such a dry winter.

Kate Lambert CEO and Co-founder Daughterly Care

Kate Lambert
B.Ec F.Fin

Daughterly Care CEO & Co-Founder