On May 12, Nurses around the world celebrate International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Private Nurses deserve to be acknowledged for their high level of genuine kindness, compassion and professionalism. This is why they have been voted the most ethical and honest professionals for 21 years in a row^.

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The role Daughterly Care’s Private Nurses perform during our clients’ most vulnerable time allows a special bond to form between them. This quality of in home nursing means that Elders have a better alternative to a Nursing Home and can remain in their own home for life with high quality consistent care.

One of the key challenges for the aged care sector and nursing care is in relation to dementia. It has been estimated that the number of people who develop the condition will increase from 353,800 currently, to 900,000+ in 2050*. The good news is Daughterly Care’s Private Nurses and Caregivers are dementia care experts.

Our home nursing services provide:

  • In Home Care assessments;

  • Administration of medication including schedule 8 and 4 drugs, such as Morphine and Valium;

  • Wound care in your own home;

  • Directing Caregivers and Enrolled Nurses in their various duties;

  • Assisting clients and family to work through the emotional aspects of their diagnosed conditions;

  • Liaising with family and medical professionals;

  • On-going support, counselling and referral;

  • Documentation of Care Plans with clients, nominated Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardian and family members;

  • Patient Advocating Services.

Daughterly Care was started more than 21 years ago by Verlie Hall, our Registered Nurse (at the time she was an Enrolled Nurse). She did not like the way Elders were being treated in the Nursing Homes she worked in. She wanted a higher standard of care for her mother, therefore she started Daughterly Care.

We wish to honour all Nurses on May 12th through the following conversation with Verlie – Registered Nurse, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Daughterly Care.

What is your experience with Elder care, Verlie?

“I am a Registered Nurse with more than 25 years’ experience caring for aged, frail people and Elders who have a form of dementia. When I was working in a Nursing Home I was NOT enjoying it because there was no time to connect and relate to the residents.”

Verlie Co-founder of Daughterly Care and Registered Nurse

Why did you decide to start Daughterly Care?

“At the time I was employed by one of Sydney’s leading dementia day care centres as an Enrolled Nurse, in-home Community Worker and Diversional Therapist. I had observed some highly questionable and dispassionate behaviour from a manager to the Loved One of a client. This was not the only time I had been exposed to confronting, inappropriate behaviour (Elder abuse, actually!) by so-called Caregivers but it was a catalyst to do what I knew I wanted to do.

I wanted to care for older people in their own home for their whole life, the way I knew they should be cared for… with understanding, respect, kindness and high regard…and at times with great fun and affection!”

How have you grown your dream over the past 21 years?

“We started with one client – a remarkably inspiring woman, Mrs W. Just thinking of her makes me smile. I cannot name her as we safeguard the privacy and security of our clients. Mrs W had such positive energy and only ever had good words for everyone. She was full of life, love and family pride – and appreciation.

I remember when Mrs W was hospitalised after a fall at age 93, we visited her and our last visit proved very timely. We arrived at her room to hear two orderlies walking out and saying to each other, “I don’t know why we are bothering to turn her. To hear this indifference was devastating. Today our specialist palliative care team would have brought Mrs W home from the hospital and cared for her at home with her family coming and going as they needed. However, as this was early days for Daughterly Care, our services were not as extensive.

5,800+ families later (families who have trusted us to care for their loved family member) is a milestone we have enjoyed celebrating. In addition, 73% of all new clients are recommended or referred to Daughterly Care by health professionals, friends and families because of our caring, professional reputation as experienced Private Nurses and Caregivers providing home nursing care. I am very proud of our team.”

Daughterly Care 2015 Client Survey Results

What a journey it has been for you and your team, Verlie… born of frustration and grown with heart felt empathy for the needs of older people.

“Yes, and we’ve met so many wonderful enjoyable, appreciative, kind, inspiring Elders, families and Caregivers on our home nursing journey. We feel blessed.”

Daughterly Care’s home nursing care − for Elders who require Livein Care − is available throughout NSW and South East Queensland.  Home nursing services are also available as part of our In Home Care services in various locations around Sydney, NSW.

If you require Elder care but want a better alternative to the nursing home, contact our Care Manager on (02) 9970 7333 today to see how we can help you.

^Source: Roy Morgan Image of Professions Survey 2015 – Nurses still easily most highly regarded, followed by Doctors, Pharmacists & School Teachers. April 2015

*Source: Alzheimers Australia and Australian Institute of Health & Welfare

**names have been changed for privacy